Transfer music from mac ipod to windows itunes

Learn what to do if you don't see the icon. From the list under Settings on the left side of the iTunes window, click the type of content that you want to sync or remove. Select the checkbox next to each item that you want to sync.

  • Find the iTunes Media folder;
  • iCloud Photos.
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Click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of the screen. If syncing doesn't start automatically, click the Sync button. Here's how: Click Summary on the left side of the iTunes window. Select "Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi. Get help Learn what to do if you see an error when you try to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iTunes. Learn how to redownload items that you purchased on another device.

Back up and restore your iTunes Library

Learn how to import photos and videos to your computer. Published Date: Open iTunes. Select "Consolidate files. Open a Finder window, then click your username in the left sidebar and look for the Music folder. Windows XP: If the folder isn't in its default location, you can find where it's located using these steps: Click the Advanced tab.

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from PC/Mac Computer to iPod (touch) without iTunes

Look in the box under "iTunes Media folder location" for the location of your iTunes Media folder. You can also change the location of your iTunes Media folder by clicking Change. Back up your library and media files After you consolidate your media files, you can back up your library and media files to an external drive. Quit iTunes.

Find your iTunes folder. Drag the iTunes folder from its location to an external drive. Your library and media files copy to the drive.

How to Convert a Mac-Compatible iPod to Windows Without Losing Music | It Still Works

Restore your library from a backup You can restore your iTunes library or iTunes Media folder from your external drive to your computer. Locate your external drive.

Transfer your media files back and forth, without using iTunes! Simply move your songs from your iPhone to your computer. That's impossible with iTunes but easy with iMazing. Select music on your iOS device. Copy it to a folder on your computer, or to your iTunes library.

Add Music From Another iPod Into Your Itunes Library (Mac)

You also save all the important data, like playlists, track names, play counts and ratings. Instantly add tracks and albums from any Mac or Windows computer. Unlike iTunes, iMazing allows you to safely connect several devices to different computers.

Transfer music from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Mac or PC computer

Drag and drop audio files or import songs from your iTunes library to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. No more risky syncs or frustration. Retrieve your music from your old iPod, or the family iPad. Connect any iOS device to your computer and export your favourite songs. With iMazing, it's easy to rebuild your music library. Time to get your favourite tracks back and enjoy them again! Creating new playlists is dead easy.

Part 1. Best Way to Transfer Music from Mac Formatted iPod to Windows PC

Name the playlist, drag and drop songs to it. Add files from your computer or your device, as you wish. And, with iMazing, there is no risk of duplicates.