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When you type in the address you want to send a message to, all the available email addresses will show up for you to choose from. Go to the address you want to remove. There should be an i beside the address.

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Hold down the i until a drop down menu appears. This is what works on my iPad 3. Your suggestions worked beautifully. I did get stuck with one address, but when l reread one of your responses to a comment about removing addresses from my contact list first, it then worked. I realise that you mentioned it in your article, but l think l glossed over that section.

I tried all of the above, but it will not work!

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I have an iPhone 6s Plus and since the new software upgrade, I no longer have the option of deleting the damn wrong email address?! Please help! Made sure contact was deleted from both my gmail and mail contact books, then followed above instructions, then quit mail. Reopened, that annoying old address was gone.

Delete one or more suggested recipients in the Auto-Complete List

Brilliant instructions. Just 1, 2, 3. Thank you so much for your time and effort. As stated above, on the iPhone 6 the delete contact option is NOT available anymore. Please advise. I have all these emails that keep popping up every time I go to send an email. I have an iPhone 5c Please Help! This problem has only happened since apple introduced ios9 and the fix is this: Thanks Keith, I have tried that and the remove option does not appear and the old email address still shows up….

Copy Mail's autocomplete database to a new Mac

Same here. Why do they change stuff that works?? Is that what you are saying? That is no longer an option. If you read a few responses from above youll see others have already mentioned it. Very frustrating to not have a way to permanently delete. How do i delete the email address which is appearing in the address bar though i deleted from the contacts list and from the address history. I need a solution immtly. Mr Wayne, or, anyone who can help!

Delete email addresses in Mail on Mac

I am gonna sound ignorant and I must be. Each one I think I remember, is always wrong. And, then those passwords! I learn one step at a time. Could you please walk me thru clearing out the old in favor of new ones???? I would be so greatful. The following seems to have worked for me on the iPad v9.

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I did so because this feature is useful for most of the time. You might have to talk to the IT person who set them up.

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I want to remove a group, but not the members of the group. When I start to type in the group name, two groups are suggested. They contain some, but not all of the same names. How do I remove the group I do not want suggested, without removing the individuals in the group? If you go into contacts on your computer, and delete a group, the individuals in the group are not removed from your contacts. Surely there must be a way. Please help.

The addresses that I want to permanently remove are removed In contacts. To unselect a group of highlighted entries, Option-click on one of them, which unselects all but the entry you click on. If you don't want to work on such a wholesale level, you can search for specific individuals using the search box at the top of the Previous Recipients.

Enter a person's name and immediately see all the email addresses Mail has stored for that person and the dates you last used them. Depending on the last date of use, you may be able to safely remove all but the most recent email address for that person.

How to turn off autocomplete in Mail - Apple Community

If you have an email address entered on a Contact card for someone in the Contacts app , you can't delete the address in the Previous Recipients screen. You have to remove it from the Contact card. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated September 29, Follow these steps to clean up the auto-complete list of previous recipients' addresses in macOS Mail: