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For such a usage, other applications may be more relevant. Provided by Pierre Chatelier. Please have a look at another scientific application of mine: Sometimes I also make stupid things: Or not: How to use it You are maybe familiar with the LaTeX language. So, overall, I will say that this free app is doing a perfect job for what I need. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Description Edit the formula in this program is designed to quickly and easily. Jan 28, Version 1. Alexanator , Lil Drummer Boy 17 , Information Seller Kang DongHyuk.

Size Martin Martin 2, 1 9 9. Does this support Mac, as you say? The FAQ says "Q: When are you going to support Mac OS X?

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Probably never. I don't have a Mac and so I can not test EqualX on this platform. The download page doesn't list Mac either.

Yes, it does or at least did. Even if the developer doesn't provide binaries, the sources can be built for Mac. A former colleague of mine did that successfully.

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However, I don't own an Mac and can't test if it still works with the latest release. Nhat Phan Nhat Phan 1 4. Daniel Daniel It must be a newer feature; I don't remember this existing when I used it: As with EqualX see accepted answer , the [ Habi Habi 5, 23 AxMath have tons of useful features: As Aditya said, you could add that it's paid software and you should also disclose your affiliation to this AxMath, otherwise your answer will be flagged as spam and probably deleted.

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I see you edited the answer. You don't have to remove the link it's better if you leave it, for people to use it , but you have to disclose your affiliation to the company, for example: Thanks for the instructions. I've disclosed my affiliation and added the platform and price information. LaTeX equation editors: KLatexFormula Is the only cross platform option I could find so far: But there are also Gummi and preview-latex plugin for Emacs: Mathematical software with LaTeX export: Jupyter Live Markdown Preview There is an awesome new extension for Jupyter where you get live Markdown preview like the one we get on StackExchange forums: Foad Foad 2 Foon Foon 48 6.